Malabar Chicken Biriyani

Mutton Biriyani

Veg Biriyani

Fried Rice (Veg)

Fried Rice Chicken

Fried Rice Mixed

Main Course (Non-Veg)

Patiala Chicken Curry
Chicken cubes with onion-tomato sauce & herbs. $9.99

Mumbai Chicken Vindaloo

Mumbai Lamb Vindaloo
Authentic dish with chef’s special sauces. $15.99

Chicken Korma

Lamb Korma
Thick cashew nut gravy with special Indian spices. $15.99

Chicken Tikka Masala
Tender cubes of chicken cooked with tomato sauce, Capsicum, onion, butter & cream into a thick gravy. $12.99

Dilli-wala Butter Chicken
Chicken cooked in tomato sauce, butter & cream. $14.99

Chilly Chicken (dry/gravy)
Our Chinese Speciality. $12.99

Ginger Chicken
Semi-gravy Chinese dish with ginger. $12.99

Garlic Chicken
Semi-gravy Chinese dish rich in garlic. $12.99

Chicken Mappas
Chicken with potato & coconut milk with a tinge of coriander. $13.99

Alleppey Chicken Curry
Chicken in spicy red onion gravy. $14.99

Fish Pollichathu
Red sniper fish with shallots and spices. $19.99

Kuttanadan Fish Curry
King fish cooked in spicy red coconut gravy. $14.99

Malabar Fish Curry
Authentic Fish curry made with rich coconut milk. $14.99

Beef Roast
Tender pieces of beef cooked with onions, tomatoes & spices. $13.99

Beef Fry
Spicy traditional kerala dish. $13.99

Beef Kizhi
Tender pieces of beef slowly cooked with stir fried onions, tomato, sliced coconut wrapped and grilled in banana leaf. $14.99

Mutton Masala
Spicy mutton prepared with traditional kerala spices. $13.99

Mutton Stew
Mutton simmered & cooked in coconut milk with traditional Kerala spices. $15.99

Prawn Roast
Prawns made with onions, tomatoes and chef’s special authentic spices. $14.99

Main Course (Veg)

Chana Masala
Chick peas cooked in onion-tomato sauce, seasoned with Indian herbs. $9.99

Dehraduni Dal
Made with variety of lentils with the seasoning of herbs & cream. $9.99

Gobi Manchurian
Cauliflower battered and fried with onions & sauces. $11.99

Kadai Paneer
Cottage cheese cooked in onion-tomato sauce, with capsicum & Indian herbs. $12.99

Veg Korma
Assorted veggies cooked in onion-tomato sauce. $10.99

Chilly Gobi (Dry & Gravy)
Cauliflower battered & fried with sauces. $10.99

Okra masala
Fresh bhindi cooked in Indian masala and herbs. $9.99

Ghatti Aloo-Gobi
Potato & cauliflower cooked in onion-tomato sauce with Indian herbs. $9.99

Saag Paneer
Thick gravy cooked with spinach, cottage cheese & herbs. $12.99

Vegetable Stew
Thick gravy cooked with assorted veggies & coconut milk. $12.99


Hara Bhara Kabab
Mixed veg fritters stuffed with goat cheese & special herbs. $14.99

Aloo Tikki
A signature potato dish served with tamarind sauce. $7.99

Achari Paneer Tikka
Made with cottage cheese and pickle spices. $12.99

Chicken Dry Fry
Chicken marinated in special spices & deep fried. $12.99

Dragon Chicken
Chinese Special dish sauteed with bell pepper & onions. $12.99

Kozhi Chathachu Kootiyathu
Mashed chicken seasoned with red chillies, shallots & tradional kerala spices. $12.99

Amritsari Fish Pakora
Tender fish marinated in Indian spices, battered & fried. $10.99

Chicken Seekh Kabab
Spiced, minced chicken molded onto skewers & grilled. $12.99

Lamb Seekh Kabab
Spiced, minced lamb molded onto skewers & grilled. $14.99

Tandoori Fish
Fish marinated in Indian spices & cooked in tandoor. $12.99

Grilled Fish
Fish seasoned with Indian spices & grilled. $12.99

Le Prawn
Chef’s Special sauce. $12.99


Chicken Tikka
(Dish of chunks of roasted marinated chicken in a spiced curry sauce. The sauce is usually creamy and orange-coloured) $12.99

Tandoori Chicken

Malai Chicken Tikka


Cream of Tomato (Veg)

Cream of Mushroom (Veg)

Hot and Sour Soup (Veg & Non-Veg)

Sweet Corn Soup (Veg & Non-Veg)

Kozhi Kanthari Kuppi Soup (Spicy)


Elaneer Pudding
(Served in Real tender coconut) This recipe is made with tender coconut pulp along with milk, sugar and condensed milkto create the perfect taste. $7.99

Paal Payasam is a classic desert made with rice, milk and sugar. It is rich, creamy and tastes heavenly. $5.99

Cold Payasam with Ice Cream

Fruit Salad with Ice Cream
Usually claims a spot among all the yummy desserts. This fruit salad is a real Crowd Pleaser. $5.99

Mango Smoothie

Cold Coffee

Kulukki Sarbath
(Seasonal) $5.49



Masala Dosa

Ghee Roast

Onion Dosa

Paper Dosa

Onion Uthappam

Masala Uthappam

Puri Bhaji (3)

Thattu Dosa with Omelet